About Us

Vision Nutraceuticals is a sister company of Vesta Pharmaceuticals. Vesta Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1996 with a single uncompromising goal: deliver the absolute highest-quality nutraceuticals and supplements to every customer, on time and at an unsurpassed value.
Since its inception, Vesta and its subsidiaries have grown into a premier cGMP and FDA-registered full service contract manufacturer of nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and nutritional ingredients while remaining true to our founding values in every facet of our business.
Vision Nutraceuticals employs the latest technology and techniques to produce the finest products for our customers. By maintaining industry certifications, you can rest assured that everything we produce will be exactly as you expect.

If you would like to know more about Vision Nutriceuticals or our products feel free to direct your questions to:
Vision Nutraceuticals
P.O. Box 36632. 
Indianapolis, IN 46236-6632

Toll Free: 1-800-255-1510
Voice: 317-823-6878
Fax: 317-895-9340
E-mail: info@visionnutra.com